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Founded in 2018, Les Petits Coquelicots is a new French club that offers fun and dynamic French immersion classes to children in South London. We run French Holiday clubs and online lessons (one to one). We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express himself and we want to help your child find his artistic voice while learning French in a fun way! Each and every one of our teachers has experience in the classroom meaning you get not only teachers with art technique, but also great teaching technique too. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each child gets enough attention from the instructor. Children will learn French through arts such as drama, singing and arts and crafts. Les Petits Coquelicots was founded by a French primary school teacher and actress.  


My name is Vicky.

I am the founder of Les Petits Coquelicots. I have 15 years + teaching experience and have an art background being an actress as well. I developed my own teaching method. Growing up, I learned English and German by myself as I didn't have any language classes at school. I learned in the US and Germany while living there for a little while. Being immersed was the quickest and fun way to learn English and German. I believe learning through games, situations and mainly fun is what is more efficient to learn quickly. My mother tongue is French and I have been teaching to kids all over Europe. I am also a mother and speak three languages at home. 

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